CNU Wireless Internet


For providing faculties and students more convenient and timely accesses of network services, the campus wireless local area network (WLAN) has been established since 2001. After a four-stage implementation plan, there are about 100% teaching areas in campus can use the wireless services through mobile devices equipped with wireless interface.  By the use of wireless network, teachers and students can access required resources available on the network and thus increase the effectiveness and quality of teaching and learning.  In addition, the university has joined national wide interscholastic wireless network roaming program since 2005.  Therefore, all faculty and students are able to enjoy the convenience of the wireless network while traveling across the different campuses and universities.

The locations of the base stations (arrangement by alphabetical order)

    * Building A (Administration Building)
    * Building B
    * Building C
    * Building E
    * Building F
    * Building K
    * Building L (Library Building)
    * Building M
    * Building N
    * Building O
    * Building P
    * Building Qs (Qs Teaching Building)
    * Building Qn (Qn Teaching Building)
    * Building R
    * Building S
    * Building T
    * Building U
    * Building X (International Conference Center)
    * Building Y

The detailed wireless coverage of campus wireless network can be found in: school2.jpg

User authorization

    * Faculty and students of the university: please use the school-verified email account to perform the authentication.
    * The roamers of other schools: please use your own school-verified account authentication.
      The list of roaming schools and their instructions:

Detailed instructions

Please refer to the wireless network webpage:

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